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Wildlife Count #5

After a summer hiatus. I am back. Along with my wildlife count.

100 – Deer

50 – Buffalo

30 – Turkey

12 – Antelope

5 – Pheasant

3 – Skunk

2 – Rattlesnakes…(5 dead Rattlesnakes)

1 – Mountain Lion

For some reason I forgot to add the buffalo, wild turkey and pheasants that I have seen, I threw in some less than scientific numbers, but that should at least cover all of the things that I have seen.

Now more importantly for new additions:

#1: 5 Dead Rattlesnakes. Most of you are probably like ‘wow…five dead snakes…that’s amazing.’ But let me give you the other part of the story. Since I have returned on the 16th I have gone bike riding on 3 occasions. The first two times I saw no live or dead snakes. Then today I see 5 dead ones on the side of the road. They ranged in size from a little over one foot to a monster that was probably 3 or 4 feet. Snakes are far more scary on your bicycle. Mainly because they can still reach your legs, and because if you run over one it is likely that you will not do so without eating the pavement.

#2: 1 Mountain Lion/Cougar/Puma/Panther/Painter. I was driving my car home from Mission to He Dog (20 miles) and about 1 mile from Wampli Waconi Tipi (Juvenile Detention Center). I saw what I thought to be a huge dog. As I got closer I realized that it was not a dog, because 1) it didn’t not run after my car, 2) it has a huge tail. I was talking to my brother at the time and immediately stopped to use some choice expletives. The thing was monstrous. It was probably the size of a medium-sized St. Bernard. The strange thing about this siting was that it was at 3:40 in the afternoon in broad daylight. I always assumed that they didn’t really troll around at that time, but I quickly realized as it disappeared into the high grass about 6 seconds later that it would be very easy for it to go unnoticed. This was actually pretty frightening, because this was also the route of one of my favorite rides last year. It is a ride that I actually plan on making often this year as I want to ride my bike from He Dog to Mission. Hopefully I won’t get attacked, but if I do. I suppose all that I can say is LAL. Live and Learn my friends. Live. And. Learn.


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