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This past weekend I made my way out to He-Dog to visit my friends living behind the school. We were having a bridal shower for our friend Kim. It’s not that she is getting married, but more that she will be getting married, at some point, in her life. It was quite the event. It was decided that no games could be played. In turn we had to be extra stealthy. Let me hit the highlights.

First, Boyce and I had an argument about the definition of a rhombus and a square. He argued that a square was a rhombus being more inclusive with his definition. I argued that a square was not a rhombus being more exclusive with my definition of rhombus. Realizing that neither of us were going to back down on this matter it was decided that we would each have to elect someone to fight it out for us. Boyce choose Matt while I chose Anna. Matt is a wiry TFA alum with fiery orange hair. Normally, you would think a stellar choice. That being said, Anna is ridiculous. She pretty much destroyed Matt making me and her the victors.

Second, after the battle came the challenge of toothpicks. Along with no games, it was decided that we had to eat all food with toothpicks. Stealthily we crafted a covert game to be played. The person with the most toothpicks, from eaten food, would be the winner. Excellent. Tots. Pizza. Snickers. Whipped Cream. All skewered on toothpicks and all shoved down my gullet. Well minus the toothpicks, we had to keep those to see who had the most at the end of the night. The dangerous part of the this game was in storing the toothpicks. Some people chose their back pocket which proved to be quite dangerous as they jabbed their hand on numerous occasion. I personally chose that little pocket on the left side of your jeans that has seemingly no purposeful use. Yeah I know it’s for change right. Well if you have ever tried putting change in there you will quickly realize that you won’t be able to get it out because the hole is too small. Luckily the toothpicks were long enough that I could retrieve them with minimal jabbage. Who created those small pockets anyways? You’d think after so many years of disuse and inability to hold change that they would work their way out of the pants. Or is there perhaps another use?

Third, reverse stripping. No such event would be complete without stripping. To add our own South Dakota spice Andrew decided to reverse strip. This means that he started out with jeans and a shirt on. After people began throwing him clothes he ended up with a flannel, gloves, hat, snow pants, winter jacket, and back packs. It was quite amusing.

There were several other happenings during the party. After discovering that I wore the same size as Juliet and could fit into her heels. We decided that I should shave my leg to properly show my legs with the shoes. For the next day that left me with one shaved leg and one hairy leg. I was surprised at how much insulation your hair provides. My other leg was quite cold with the lost padding. Being that it is getting warm outside. I decided that it was time to just shave both legs and prepare for biking outside. It can’t hurt right? It also looks incredibly chic. Not like actually cool, but chic as in like smooth. After having experienced such a feeling I actually find it quite preferable. Sounds odd I know, but if you have never tried it I would recommend it. Having shaven legs is quite comfortable.



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